People want to work at organizations
that have a purpose, a deeper dimension of meaning
and usefulness than mere profit or sales.

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Purpose - the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

Purpose Management Consulting is a new and dynamic consulting firm. Making the world a little bit better every day is our main goal. We lay the emphasis on social profit instead of the biggest financial profit. Purpose wants to make a valuable contribution to the various important social topics it encounters, like for instance the growing debt problems and the increasing healthcare costs.


Sustainable solutions

We cooperate with and work for our customers with the goal of realizing the best possible solutions. Our approach is characterized by some important principles.


Being different

Purpose wants the ‘why’ and social relevance to be the focal points of the thinking and acting of companies. It almost seems that a crisis is needed to reflect on the existence of a company. In our opinion, companies should ask themselves this fundamental question more often.


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